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Adulting is Hard

Detty December, Flex January!!



With the year coming to an end in a matter of weeks, and the Christmas festivities kicking off way before that, it’s that time of the year when expenses, shoppings and vacations are bound to take a toll on our pockets, here are proven ways to ensure you don’t start the coming year with your account ‘not smiling’.

DO YOUR SHOPPING EARLY – The rush for gift items, groceries, wears and hampers will definitely sky-rocket as the yuletide season approaches making it advisable to get your shopping needs done as early as you can, that way you get to save cash and have some left over to attend to other pressing needs.

DITCH THE ‘CASHLESS’ POLICY – Yes, you heard that right! Only go out with the cash you intend spending while out on your shopping spree or attending events, tuck away what you need and keep your ATM card at home. That way, when you see that nice jacket or sneakers on your way out of the mall after getting the things you came for, you can make a quick dash for the exits. Trust me, January will thank you for this.

LOCK AWAY FUNDS – Another guaranteed way to ensure you don’t start the year on the broke side is locking away funds on any of the numerous online saving platforms for a set date, most preferably – January, there are penalties for withdrawing before the set day with some platforms charging as much as 2% if you attempt to withdraw your locked funds before the set date. That’s enough deterrence if you ask me.

STICK TO YOUR BUDGET – Attend only events, shows and vacations withing your budget! Emptying your accounts to attend overpriced events or buying overpriced drinks will leave a huge hole in your pockets as the new year starts. Make a list of places you’d like to go and tailor your finances according to what you have.

PLAN FOR THE INCOMING YEAR – away from the empty promises most people make to themselves as soon as the new year approaches, make concise efforts to write down short, medium, and long term goals you intend to achieve for the new year, remind yourself of your targets each day and keep focus.

With the popular ‘Detty’ December around the corner, it’s very possible to enjoy the festive period and still have enough to ‘Flex’ your January.

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Adulting is Hard

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31-year-old Aaron Smith created Singularity, a dating app for women, designed to only work on smartphones. In the app, it only shows different versions of Smith’s face when you search the app.

Speaking with CBS affiliate WFMY, Smith admitted that he noticed a major issue keeping him from landing more dates.

“The biggest problem with the other apps is that my face is not featured prominently,” he said.

According to him, the plan is to effectively eliminate all other competitors.

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Adulting is Hard

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The actress has decided to see herself as “self-partnered” rather than single.

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Emma Watson covers Vogue Magazine

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