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Conference rooms, entertainment centers expected in next generation cars



Future cars are here. This aptly sums up the impression of those that attended the just concluded CES 2020 in Las Vegas, United States, as automakers displayed concept vehicles with flamboyant designs, which are due for production and sale before the end of the year.

One of the auto concept displays still attracting a great deal of exciting comments online came from Continental, a German car software and hardware manufacturer. It is a three-in-one car – a conference room, an entertainment centre and an automobile.

Continental said the cars of tomorrow would have all these things and more as it reportedly presented its vision for the automotive industry, in which consumer technology would blend seamlessly into new cars, making people’s journeys more personalised, holistic and ultimately connected.

A report by captures the exciting moment created at the event with the display.

The report read in part, “Continental executives took to the stage on Monday at CES to regale the assembled crowd with their vision of a safer, smarter and more connected driving future.

“First, the company showed off its upcoming “transparent hood” feature based on the existing Surround View system. It consists of a set of four cameras mounted on the vehicle’s undercarriage that beam a view of the road under the vehicle to the central display in the cabin.

“Continental also previewed its Natural 3D Display concept. Using the 3D light-field technology that the company debuted last year, the central console will float 3D images and data a few inches from the display’s surface and reportedly be visible from any seat in the vehicle without the need for special glasses.”

An online journal, techradar, in a report by Olivia Tambini on the issue, said the CES 2020 fair presented a glimpse into the cars of tomorrow and it quoted a spokesperson for Continental as saying, “This is the largest transformation the automotive industry has seen since its birth.”

It described the innovation as one of most exciting new technologies coming “as part of a new partnership with Sennheiser, which brings immersive Ambeo 3D audio to your car – and in turn, transforms your humble vehicle into an instrument, negating the need for space-consuming speaker systems.

“Continental’s Ac2ated Sound system uses specially designed actuators to ‘excite’ specific surfaces in a vehicle, using the resonant areas of the car to amplify sounds being created by vibrating the vehicle’s interior.

“In theory, this will create a bespoke, immersive audio experience, all in the comfort of your car.”

Natural 3D Centerstack is another new technology shown off at the tech show. This is said to turn the display on a car’s dashboard into a 3D experience – without the need for special glasses or head tracker cameras.

It is said to work by emitting a light field that gives a 3D impression of the information on the centre console display in the car, in 4K resolution – for example, accepting a call could generate a 3D hologramme-like avatar of the caller.

Continental said the display board could also be operated by a touch, providing hepatic feedback, increasing the rate of convenience and safety.

The team from that covered the show also reported that the CES was gradually turning into an auto show in its own right, with lots of new concept and production cars taking the stage.

It also noted, “It’s amazing, with all the new techs being crammed into cars these days.”

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